Distinctive Lush Landscaping

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From the beginning, Far West sought to create distinct communities. Care was taken in planning each building location to the greatest benefit for each resident’s view and privacy as well as filling the community with lush landscaping.

Around every corner is a surprise and special environment. The development team sought out the best landscape architects at the time, R. Dudley Trudgett and Phil Shipley, who helped to bring the initial vision to life for a uniquely different environment for every resident.

Some of the very special surprises include trellises covered in bougainvillea, exotic lakes, green walkways and paths throughout each community as well as rock strewn streams, taking early inspiration from Japanese landscape books and trips to France.

As the developers will share, it is an environment that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s also an environment that takes special care and upkeep which is why Far West maintains a full-time staff of more than 20 landscapers.

If you haven’t seen our beautiful community, we invite you to come by for a tour.