Our Company

When we founded Far West Management Corporation in 1967, it was to create a better place to live for people seeking an apartment home. Our initial concept for The Aspens emphasized creative land planning, design excellence and a comfortable home environment.

Early on we engaged famed landscape architects, Philip A. Shipley and R. Dudley Trudgett, and renowned interior designer, John Cottrell, to develop the master plan for our communities. Today, that inspiration has evolved into a collection of unique Southern California communities that boasts one of the best records for long-term resident retention.

Across Southern California, Far West communities are known for lush landscaping featuring an abundance of trees, ornamental flowers, and shrubs that are decorative and create resident privacy. The Aspens features land sculpting, streams, lakes, arbors, and bird aviaries to create a serene, natural atmosphere. At its heart, this environment is fundamental to creating a sought-after lifestyle experience.

Over the years, attention to detail and an emphasis on quality amenities have continued to guide Far West. Design details surprise and delight visitors further illustrating the team’s commitment to the best of the best.

What has helped to make Far West communities remain distinctive are the relationships fostered with residents and staff. It is the people who support our communities and who choose to make their home in our communities that make the difference in our success.