Making the Most of Your Space

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How can you take advantage of a smaller space? At a time when we are all spending so much time at home, the challenges of life, school and work in smaller homes have become all too apparent. Luckily there are many ways to make the most of living areas.

Storage is Everything

In smaller living areas, there often aren’t enough places to put things. Cutting down on visual clutter is especially important. That’s why everything needs its own space.

Give items assigned spots and make use of baskets, bins, hooks and anything else you can utilize. Streamline storage bins. Add cabinets where you can. For example, adding a tall, narrow cabinet in a bathroom can make a difference

Double Duty Makes a Difference

Multipurpose furniture is important. Think about placing a small dresser by an entryway where you’ll have drawers for things like sunglasses and shopping bags, or a credenza or sideboard that doubles as a table for work. Even ottomans can add extra seating.

Go for Mobile

Mobile furniture adds functionality. Furniture on wheels is convenient. A fold-down writing desk is a great idea. And consider flexibility. A serving tray can be used as a desk, and then transition over to an eating space.

Scale and Placement

While low-profile pieces can help a small space feel more spacious, you’re not limited to only small furniture. An oversized coffee table is functional and can be used for work, school or a place to eat. Go smaller on a loveseat instead of a huge couch and then add extra chairs. Source at thrift shops – the pieces may not be design-forward or on trend but could add interest.